What Do The Texas Liquor Laws Mean For Your Business?

Are you planning to apply for your Texas liquor license? Texas liquor laws can be viewed as strict, just like everything else in Texas. Of course, when you’re dealing with alcoholic beverages, it pays to be strict and careful. You can respect that, and you want to do your part as a place that serves alcohol responsibly. That of course means that you need to know the laws and regulations surrounding a Texas liquor permit.

Image result for alcoholic beverages businessYou have questions I’m sure, like how long it will take to get your license. First, it is often referred to as a permit as well, and you can expect the permit process to take about 45 days. That’s an average of course, and it can on average take as much as 60 days, too. You also need to know that there is more than just one type of permit or license.

You’re also going to want to know all about the permit process and what you have to do. Can it all be handled online? For that matter, can any of it be handled online? There are certain laws that you need to be made aware of as well as you set up your facility. That was something that the church I attended in Texas had to concern themselves with when they wanted a liquor license for the recreation center.

They did get the permit, but as you can see, a place like that is going to have to look closely at the laws and guidelines. The same goes for any businesses close to churches, schools and other types of places. One thing you can do when it comes to alcoholic beverages is give them away for free without needing a license eor permit. There are many little interesting tidbits of information like that when it comes to the Texas liquor laws.

While some of the laws allow for certain conveniences, what you really want to pay attention to is how not to break the laws. You want to abide by all statutes so that you keep your liquor license or permit in tact. Have you applied for a liquor license before in another state? My friend and his family own a liquor store in South Carolina. I would assume that the laws are just a little more lenient in South Carolina. That’s not knocking Texas at all because Texas just is known for taking liquor laws extra seriously.

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