The Pros And Cons Of Doing Public Relations Online

Many public relations specialists are trying their best to use the Internet to their advantage. While this may seem like a great idea considering the popularity of the Web, there are some disadvantages that are associated with doing public relations online. Here are a few pros and cons you should keep in mind if you are trying to decide whether this is something you want to try.


The Ability To Reach A Large Audience

When you are dealing in public relations, you want your message to be conveyed to as many people as possible. With that said, there are millions of people who log on each day. Using the Internet as a tool is wise, especially if you feel like you usually have a pretty limited audience. There is no other option for connecting with so many people in so little time.

The Cost Is Lower

Printing ads and paying for television spots can be fairly pricey, especially considering the fact that they will only reach a certain number of people. On the flip side, Internet ads and marketing efforts are far less expensive. In fact, it is possible to reach thousands of people with an email blast and it would not cost you a dime.


Engagement Is Questionable

While everyone sees ads and other marketing materials all over the Internet, how many people actually take the time to read them and digest the message? Unfortunately, more people will see your message, yet you may not get the boost that you were looking for. People are far more likely to pay attention to messages that are delivered offline.

It Is Sometimes Used To Replace Everything Else

When you decide to use the Internet when doing public relations, this does not mean that you should drop everything and only focus on this particular method of communicating with your audience. You should continue to do everything you have been doing up until this point and add this to the mix. Some people are so drawn to this low-cost way to reach so many people that they forget about traditional methods. It would actually be far more effective if there was some type of balance.

There is nothing wrong with using the Internet when you are working on public relations. As you can tell, there are advantages and disadvantages to this decision. Consider all of this before deciding which direction you would like to go in.

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