Keeping Schools Safe and Secure

When it comes to sending your child to school, no doubt you want them to be as safe possible. Those who are in charge of school safety and security don’t regard it as a job – it’s a mission to keep society’s kids safe. So what are some of the ways that schools are working so hard to make sure safety is priority?

Image result for Keeping Schools Safe and SecureOne way that schools are cracking down on threats to students is by use of security cameras. When your child goes to class, you can be sure that, in most cases, what goes on in the halls is being monitored. Any sort of trauma and violence in the school environment works against the health and overall well-being of your child, so anything of the sort caught on camera is swiftly put an end to. The fact that cameras are in place can also serve as a deterrent to those who, at school, would try to hurt a child.

Another way that schools are working hard to ensure that schools are safe and secure is to prohibit weapons, or anything that can be used as a weapon, from the premises. In most schools these days, especially high schools, metal detectors are put in place to make sure that not only are students free of any weapon that could harm anyone attending class, but visitors are as well. With so many reports of school shootings, past and present, each threat is taken seriously and dealt with accordingly. Each school handles issues differently, but it’s safe to say that in any school, an individual bringing a gun on the property has full action taken against them. Children making threats or trying to act on threats made are not only removed by police, but expelled and banned from the school in question.

In schools with children who are too young to be able to drive themselves home, it is customary to have an adult pick them up if they do not ride the bus. When this is the case, a teacher or supervisor of some relation to the building watches over the children and checks with each car that arrives to get a child. Identification, or some form that says the adult is given permission to receive the child, is asked for to ensure safety.

These days, schools are taking security and safety of children and staff very seriously. Hopefully a day will come when we don’t have to worry about our kids when they go to learn, but until that day, we can rest assured that schools are doing their best to make the environment as secure as possible.

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