Five Reasons To Use Automated Mice Ear Tags In Your Lab

If you are looking for a humane and efficient way to identify lab mice, you imagesshould consider using automated rat ear tags. These tags have several advantages over traditional metal tags that most labs still use.

They’re More Humane

Unlike metal tags, automated ear tags are not painful when applicated or removed. Metal tags are more painful to apply and cause unnecessary stress to animals. Other methods such as using chips are more invasive and require more time and training from the staff besides being more expensive.

You Can Scan Automated Tags

The main benefit of using automated ear tags is that you can easily scan them. This allows you to update research data for an entire group of mice within a few seconds. You can scan an individual tag to retrieve all the data associated with this mouse.

Automated Tags Will Not Come Loose

There is a number of known issues with metal tags. They are heavy, can cause stress to lab mice and they can come loose, even if they are properly applied. Losing a metal tag can be a real issue since you might no longer have a way to identify this rodent. Automated tags will not come loose and will not cause any skin reactions.

They Are Quick And Easy To Apply

Automated ear tags are designed to be very easy to apply and to remove. This process is painless for the mice and staff members will not need any specific training to install or remove these tags. You can easily apply ear tags to a large group of rodents in a time-efficient manner and can easily remove them afterwards.Image result for scan a tag to identify a rodent

Identification Is Easier

There are no mistakes possible since you can scan a tag to identify a rodent. This allows you to quickly log data and retrieve this data whenever you need it. Each tag uses a unique identification number and there are no risks of confusion regardless of the size of the group of mice you are working with. You can also rely on color to quickly identify a mouse.

Switching to automated ear tags is the humane thing to do since they cause less pain and stress for the mice. These tags are very easy to apply and will help you save time since you can update data automatically by scanning tags and easily access data for each mouse.

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