Know Us

iPolicy Networks offers a proven approach to deploying network security that meets the extreme performance, scalability and reliability demands of large enterprises, service providers and government agencies. Its adaptable software and hardware platform provides an open architecture that integrates network processing with application processing to create a high-performance, fully virtualized security infrastructure.

Our products and subscription services provide broad, integrated and high-performance protection against dynamic security threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure.

iPolicy Networks is a “network security” product unit of Tech Mahindra Limited. iPolicy Networks delivers a robust, high-performance integrated security appliance with a highly scalable security management system. iPolicy Networks’ Intrusion Prevention Firewall™ (IPF) appliance, powered by a patented Single Pass Architecture™ protects networks from – application/network threats, attacks on critical network infrastructure, and other emerging threats. iPolicy Networks’ Security Manager™ (ISM) is a single-window configuration/monitoring/management software and is capable of managing over 500 multi-security IPF appliances. iPolicy Networks’ integrated network security appliance and its security management software deliver an optimal price-performance solution for service providers and enterprises alike.

Disruption-Free Security Updates
iPolicy Networks’ products are designed with customer’s current and future security needs in mind. Security updates including IDS/IPS signatures, virus signatures, URL database updates, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam updates are released on a continuous basis by the iPolicy Networks Security Research Team. The ISM automatically downloads these updates soon as they are available to keep IPF appliances always current and updated to thwart network-based threats. Customers are assured that consistent security policies and the latest protection features are always enforced across their entire network. And, iPolicy Networks backs its products with highly responsive support and other professional services designed to help customers maintain an optimal security posture at all times.

Solution Benefits

  • Empowers Service Provider to follow a “Hybrid Approach” to Managed Security
  • Best-of-breed technology integrated into a single solution for a Single Price
  • Facilitates in-depth, on-demand provisioning
  • Hierarchical and RBAC based management infrastructure
  • Simplifies deployment, management, updates/upgrades and incident analysis
  • Carrier-grade management software for single-point and single-window administration of all security functions
  • Easily integrates with third-party SIM/SEM and Network Management tools
  • Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership