A Family Law Attorney

Family law is a specialized legal practice area that deals with a variety of issues that can arise from domestic relationships explained an attorney from Holtz Law. Some of these domestic relationships include civil unions, marriage, domestic partnerships, and other family structures that may be either nontraditional or traditional.

When there is a dissolving of a relationship by means of either separation or divorce it will give rise Image result for family law attorney is somewhat familiar with appropriate accounting principlesto various matters that will need to be handled by a family law attorney. Some of the issues include child visitation and custody rights, the division of liabilities and assets between the couple, and child support or disposal alimony.

A family law attorney will also have the legal knowledge to get involved in other family related areas such as paternity, domestic violence, child abduction, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and surrogacy. Each state in the United States of America will have their own case law and statutes when it comes to domestic matters. There is not a uniform law that has been adopted by the various states in regards to child support enforcement, parental abduction, child custody, and so forth.

It is noteworthy that the financial aspects regarding family law can be quite complex. A family law attorney should have proficiency in any areas of the law that may impact these complex financial issues. They should also have access to outside experts who can assist them whenever it becomes necessary. They will also require a knowledge of tax law as it applies to support payments, filing status, asset allocation, and dependency exemptions.

It is important that a family law attorney is somewhat familiar with appropriate accounting principles, retirement plans, financial balance and statement sheets, health insurance issues after a divorce, wills, trusts, real estate and most importantly, the effect that a bankruptcy will cause. Therefore, it is easy to understand that it is important to choose a family law attorney who is both knowledgeable and experienced in all family law issues.

A qualified family law attorney understands that there are also many highly complex issues when it comes to the psychological aspect of family law. A lawyer who deals with a family that is in conflict will often be dealing with a situation that is highly charged and emotional. To help the family, the lawyer will need to have a broad array of skills, empathy and sensitivity. A good family law attorney will obviously have the legal knowledge but he/she will also have the ability to listen, investigate, negotiate, counsel, plan, draft, or diffuse any issue that may arise.

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