5 Basic Things You Need to Know About Network Security

Network security is essential for your home and office computers to protect you from connection stealing, systems and connections viruses, hacking, and damage to your computers and documents. Here are 5 basic things you need to know about network security to help keep your network safe and secure.

Router Security – It is important to understand that your router is the key to your network security since it has a lot of essential functions that could help secure your network. This includes setting up firewall for your network, masking your various IP addresses for protection, setting up wireless security passwords and networks and turning off broadcasting for your wireless signal.

All of your system will be fully protected from damage and infiltration if you know how to utilize the different security functions of your router. Router security is also considered as the front line or outer level protection of your network, so always make sure that you maximize your router’s network protection capabilities.

Firewall Security – Firewall security is a must for every computer in your network. If your firewall is set up properly it can help block out network intruders, catch and destroy viruses and spyware, as well as hide your documents and files.

Computer users usually don’t set up the firewall in their computers because it could cause a lot of hassle, but it is very important to understand that firewall security is necessary. Newer firewall security programs are now designed to be unobtrusive and could run in the background without unnecessary pop-ups and notifications.

Cyber Security – Firewalls and second generation firewalls are the 2 most effective ways of maintaining cyber security and double protection for your network. Making sure that all your downloads and files are protected from Trojans and other malwares is also important, so antivirus and spyware programs are also a necessity. Changing your passwords regularly and making sure that sensitive personal information is protected from being distributed on the net will also ensure that your network is not easily penetrated.

Unsecured Network Expenses – It is important to keep your network fully protected since it is the hub of all your computer activity including information storage for your work and personal files. Malware and hackers can cause serious damage to your computers that could lead to expensive repairs or even cause you to buy a whole new computer.

Although it may cost money to ensure that your network is secure it is still far cheaper compared to having your computer repaired or buying a whole new computer system if you get infected or hacked on a network level.

Professional Network Security – If you want to ensure that your network is fully protected but you are not that knowledgeable about computers and anti malwares you can always contact a professional to help set up your network security. They can set up different levels of protection for your network that there will be no reason for your network to ever be vulnerable again. Always keep in mind that an open and unprotected network can lead strangers to get into your computers and gather information or corrupt your systems.

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